Help (?), 2020 Parsons Design + Technology Thesis Project

Amy's World
Interactive Web Installation
Yutong Xie--"Likes to work with multiple things at the same time~~~" Eraince Wang--"A creative technologist and a broccoli lover!!!" 2个网友Production (r)

This video is the web trailer of Amy's World.
1. Amy’s World is an Immersive Internet Project that uses (interactive web infrastructure + the computer + the webcam, + the viewer) to collectively form the eerie fiction of Amy's World - the current memory edition on the private installation site.

2. The project lives at the world wide web address of "" as a private online memory installation experience in which an internet surfer can install a clip of memory about Am's World as the digital character Amy itself.

"The two collaborators focus on the Human-Computer Interaction aspect of the Internet life we are all collectively living in and want to remind you how intimate-sensuous-eerie this HCI relationship could become."

We Recommend -->
* A Pair of Headphones/Quiet Reality Environment
* ~ 30.Minute of Free Time *
For this private online experience: one of the attractions through the memory installation involving
--> using one's own digital headphone as the surgical tools for a posthumanist digital surgery.

This online digital surgery accompanied by (1) 3D soundscape performed by the computer illustrates the attachment of a parasitic home control system onto one's body for a trip to the sunken city of Venice.
To see it for itself, kindly visit for a private online experience with your computer, your headphone, and your webcam.

This is a Parsos Design and Technology MFA thesis project,
Created by, through May 2019 - May 2020:
谢雨桐, Xie Yutong,
王培羽, Wang Peiyu (Eraince),

Web Installation @

! MIS@AmysWorld Free Merch Application WW+.DCD.WORLD Here
Download With Risk (r) Application Built in Unity Size: 667.2MB

( Free Merch Trip to -->;
with First Person Controller for Free Navigation + World Map.a.b) Map.pdf2100.a Map.pdf2100.b

(r) fishJAZZChannel ! scan to follow !
! click to download ------------------------------------------------------------------> !

* software (processing) is needed

(r) CJ Attachement Sugery 3D Sound Clip.wav

MIS917_xexwyeywt Production (f)

* Expeience Amy's DAA Transformation *
* Digital Transformation -> Posthumanit Sea Creature Here *

"4_more" Production (r)

Amy's World, Background Sound

Amy's World Soundscape, Audiobook
Memory Generating, Soundscape_0
Before Transformation, Soundscape_1
After Transformation, Soundscape_3
Decomposition, Soundscape_4
Memory Installed, Soundscape_5
Your Receipt Site Background Music, Soundscape_6